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I learned a thing or two today, I guess school isn't so stupid


In 1543 it was finally accepted that the sun (it could be called "The Karl" -Digital Ruler ATHF) was at the center of the earth.

In 1666 an explanation as to why the planets were held in orbit due to gravity was given. The greeks found Pi by trying to make a circle using triangles, it drove them to exhaustion and even today we still do not have an answer.

I learned about angular momentum and how gyroscopes function. Harmony in motion and differential calculus.

Newton also had laws of universal gravatation and a theory of light and colors. Fundemental constants like gravity and light rock!

Continental drift or motion is due to the earths expansion because of weaker graviational pulls over time, which causes plates to shift.

A higher jumped at the equator can jump 1/2% higher than at either of the poles because of different gravities at these points.

The atom itself keeps it's electrons in orbit through electrical force that is 10,000 x 1,0000,000 to the 4th stronger than the suns gravitational pull on us. Everything has a gravitational pull.

The earth continually falls towards the sun.

Mercury has an 88 day orbit around the sun (already knew that) but it takes 365 million years for it's orbit cycle to actually circle the sun.

Gravatational radiation is when star collide or explode and it sends waves throughout this universe.

Theorist say that 100 stars a day die because of a black hole that sits in the center of our galaxy, galaxies consist of about 100 billion stars. ( I did some math and if this is true we would lose 3.6 billion stars every 100,000 years, so are new stars formed somehow or is this just bullshit? Because the earth has been here 6 billion years)

Einstiens theory of relativety has been satisfactorily proven and it is generally agreed that space is more like plastic because of gravity.

All bodies fall the same regardless of weight because of the curvature of this universe applies the same to all objects.

Nothing can go faster than light and at the speed of light objects become light.

Black Holes are stars that continue to collapse on themselves (we have tried to recreate one using an artifical extremely dense envoirment and possibly could, but it would fall from one end of the earth to the other and eat the earth very quickly so we wouldn't want that)

All we can definately tell form black holes are mass, size, electrical charge and spin.

At the center of a black hole is called singularities.

In singularities physics no longer apply.

If you we able to avoid the ring of a black whole and someone get to the center you could travel to another universe. Although you would never be able to get back to this universe, it's only a one way street.

Sygnus x-1 is believed to be a developing black hole in our galaxy.

You could in theory time travel if it was possible to go against the spin of a black hole, you could see yourself going into the black hole.

And all this stuff was just stuff I didn't know already, knowledge is power.
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