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24 December
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I know what I know about myself, sadly this isn't much. I am an estp and I like kittens. I started my third A & P school in three years. The past two years have been kind of blurry, I haven't lived anywhere for more than six months. I like listening to EGG Radio they have yet to play a song I disliked, that's just my taste though. I'm weird and I don't sleep much, then again who does? I am working on several projects right now, one of which is a website that will go into far greater detail about myself. I am also working on a couple of books, one based on stories and events in my life up to now and the other general explainations of world actions, events, and people. I would say I try to view the world as accurately as possible. I like to keep an open mind and not believe everything I hear or see. Maybe more later if you should be so unfortunate.