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Today was kind of crazy, I took a test right after lunch and the instructor (foolishy thinking I was going to stick around) said "alright just take a break downstairs and check in periodically to make sure everyone is done with the test". Well to say the least I took my break alright :) But before I left I had to see finacial aid (evil fat lady) and she had the director of education in there waiting to talk to me. So i'm like "wtf is this shit?" all he told me was to get my finacial aid packet done which it was already done, I just had to fill out my fasfa which was already done too. So I don't know what the fuck that was about but anyway. Yesterday, one of my old army friends called me who I hadn't spoken with in ages! I realized how much I missed him. He told me he had been working for this dealership for 3 years living like a king and told me to do the same. I began to think about it and yeah it made sense. I mean why am I selling food instead of cars, ya know? So that same night I went to two different dealerships and applied, and I got a call back for one. Turns out you need car sales experience, what a bitch so I went ahead and took the server job I applied for earlier this week. and that's just the half of it.
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