biggerears (biggerears) wrote,


huh? oh wait the weekends over, fuck. So friday I got that shit and it's sunday,i'm nearly out. I find myself doing that more and more often, slipping into old habits. I used to smoke about a half a day about two years ago. I've calmed down alot, mostly because of one incident. When I was working at domino's I was so high one night I went to the wrong house on the wrong street at 1:00am banging the shit out of the door wondering why they weren't waiting for their pizza. Well, needless to say I eventually figured out it was the wrong place. Anyway when I got back to the store my boss was like "David slow your role". It's bad when your boss that you've rolled with and smoke with all the time tells you to calm down. So I did, and I just smoke this zone in like two days, fucking ridiculous. So I have to work on remembering my lessons taught instead of just learning them once then getting back in the same situations. oh and I beat SW KOTOR in 10 hours, holla!
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