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OK stupid thought

Well plants are that much different than humans, here is why.

I noticed this friday when I was at this dudes house, he was talking about how much he hated water. Then I thought about it alot of black people hate water. There is a reason for this, most people just don't come out of the womb with a hatred of being in water, shit you live in it for 9 months. So I already knew alot of slave ships drown because of uprisings and poor maintenance. So maybe this fear is inbeeded in people who have had family members drown in the past. The I watched lion king today (willingly) and when mufasa was tealking to simba about his ancestors he said "you are a part of me". It's completely true. I believed before that you are a duplicate of exactly your mother and father. Therefore your traits are inherited and just like plants particularly pot, traits are passed down. I know there are alot of variables that come into play here, like I said stupid though, but I think it's something that should be looked into.
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